Dan Mizen

Coming from a very musical background, (his father Frank being a well known musician who produced and played on many albums over the years) Dan took a keen interest in music and music production from an early age and by the time he was 12 he started using Cubase on his Dad’s Atari 1040ST to create music. He built up a home studio by the age of 18 with the purpose of recording his own compositions but as he seemed to have a very good ear, his time was soon taken up with recording and producing other local musicians. He later met his future wife Lucy and built his first recording studio big enough to accommodate full bands in Valley House, Hornbeam Park in his early twenties. He later moved on to create Active Audio Studios, where he would produce and write for the next 8 years, during which time he  produced the live sound and live recordings for Wally on their reunion concerts in the late 2000’s. Impressed by Dan’s ear and skill, Wally’s founder and frontman Roy Webber began to work more closely with Dan, and together they built Warehouse Recording Company in 2016 where he continues to produce exceptional quality recordings from to this day.