Warehouse Recording Co is no longer operating. However Dan Mizen, is still offering recording and production services within a studio or on a location of your choice.  



Dan is available to work with you on your next studio project. Working from Reel Recording Studios in York, you will have huge choice of classic analogue outboard equipment available, along with a great sounding and spacious live recording room, isolation booths and a comfortable control room with monitoring from Genelec, Adam and Yamaha.


If you have a project, wether it be an album, ep, single, live performance/show or voiveover and you have preferred location, or you are unable to get to the studio, a mobile recording system can be brought directly to you. This is done without compromising any audio quality within the signal chain. High end mic pre amps and AD conversion is still used, regardless of location. 


Dan is available to work with you on your next project, wether it be in the studio or out on location at a space you feel inspired by. Dan is based in Harrogate, Yorkshire but can to travel to where ever your project requires. 


Mastering is the last step that can transform your music into a professional, marketable, commercial product. We use the highest quality analogue and digital equipment to finalize your tracks for commercial release. Please get in-touch for more info as we will require your mixes to be in a specific format and without buss compression and eq.


We can produce broadcast quality voiceovers in our purpose built isolation booth using mics such as Audiotechnica, Neumann, Shure and Sennheiser to ensure the right sound for your unique voice.We are also able to create professional voice showreels, providing original scripts, music and sound effects.